WELCOME,  I am Christine Smith, The Founder / Director of the Shane Perry Smith Christian Foundation, we are a Non-Profit Organization, (NGO), and we look after widows and orphans in Africa.  The "HOME", of the foundation is in Chisamba, Zambia, Africa.  65Km NE of Lusaka city, the capital city of Zambia.

Shane Perry Smith, was my late husband, he died of cancer three and a half years ago, and it was after his passing, that I had a calling to build this foundation.  I have named it after my late husband, as he was such a people' person, and everyone who knew Shane quickly became a close friend.

We spent 9 beautiful years together.  We were both Zimbabwean's, and moved to Zambia 9 years ago.  We both fell in love with Zambia, and shared lots of love and happiness here, and therefore, it is only fitting that I repay Zambia, for that love and happiness and help her, with her, widows and orphans - seeing I could never have children of my own.

We are a newly formed foundation and it is my wish for you to know about what our vision is for Africa, and we invite you to embark on this AWESOME adventure with us.



We will start with Zambia, being our first nation, in Africa, and we will build orphanages holding a minimum of 500 children, and staffed by widows, in EVERY province of Zambia, which has 9 provinces, TOTALING A minimum of 4500 children in Zambia alone. Upon completion of the Zambian project, we will move North of Zambia's borders and find our next nation, and build there, and so on until we are in every nation of Africa.

Initially we are donor reliant, however, it is our intention to become self sufficient as quickly as possible.  In view of this, we will be erecting a 3000 ton production, Isolate Plant (Soy Factory).  We will export our by-products to generate an income to sustain our orphanages and grow into the other nations.  We will require a 3000 hectare farm, which will grow our crops and livestock needed to supply the factory and the orphanages.

Once, the factory and farm is fully operational, we will build an IT College, an Agricultural College, and an Arts and Craft Training Center.  This will not only benefit our children but will be open to all Zambian's.

We chose Chisamba as our HOME town for the foundation, because it is situated 65km from the International Airport making export of our produce easy, it also has Grain Silo's and a railway siding, which we will need access to when we buy in Soya from the local and commercial farmers in Zambia.  Chisamba is well known for its perfect rainfall, and has a huge underground water supply, which will be beneficial for our entire projects water requirement.

We have all our plans ready to start building.  We have our first bit of land, to start with our first orphanage, and we are just waiting for the legal requirements to be processed, before we commence building. The physical address for our property is SUB/D 362 A, Chisamba Town, Zambia.  I ask you, to PLEASE follow us, step by step, as we build this beautiful foundation.  We invite you to come and join us, or share with me, this AWESOME experience.

We will be posting photo's and video's as we break ground - so watch this space - VERY EXCITING!

Please feel free to contact Pastor Haley Schurz - Executive Pastor, of, MIRACLE LIFE FAMILY CHURCH, Lusaka, Zambia, for a character reference, I was very privileged to have worked with Pastor Haley for 6 months at the church, and it was an AWESOME season in my life,                                                            EMAIL:- haley@africaoutreach.net

                                                                                         Land line 00-260211-292286


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