WELCOME,  I am Christine Smith, The Founder / Director of the Shane Perry Smith Christian Foundation, we are a Non Governmental Organization, (NGO), and we look after widows and orphans, and have various other projects which we intend distributing throughout Africa..  The "HOME", of the foundation is in Chisamba, Zambia, Africa.  65Km NE of Lusaka city, the capital city of Zambia.

Shane Perry Smith, was my late husband, I lost him to cancer in March 2006, and it was after his passing, that I had a calling to build this foundation.  I have named it after my late husband, as he was such a people's person, and everyone who knew Shane quickly became a close friend.

We spent 9 beautiful years together.  We were both Zimbabwean's, and moved to Zambia in July 2000.. We both fell in love with Zambia, and shared lots of love and happiness here, and therefore, it is only fitting that I repay Zambia, for that same love and happiness and to help her, widows and orphans - seeing I could never have children of my own.

The vision is to build our projects in every nation of Africa, and we invite you to embark on this AWESOME adventure with us.



We have chosen Zambia, to be our first nation, in Africa. The Christian Ministries will build on top of our foundation, preaching and teaching the word of God, breaking every strong hold satan has over every nation in Africa.  Upon completion of our Zambian project, we will go North to build our next project.


Chisamba where the "HOME" of the Foundation is in Zambia, is a vast District, and we have attempted to complete a full survey of the District, but it is so vast that we still have not been able to complete this.  We are currently working with widows and orphans in the communities.  We have found that we will never be able to build facilities big enough to accommodate all the widows and orphans. This will also be an enormous cost. We have to go into all 9 provinces of Zambia, so we will grow Christian leaders, and we will work with the Churches in each area, thus following a true Biblical Principal, by looking after our widows and orphans.  These leaders will go into the communities and work with them, and will bring back to us, as a Foundation the needs of each widow and her family unit and the orphans.  From there we will then assist in every way possible.  Either with housing or food, or school fee's, medical treatment etc.

Currently, we have no other organization working at all in the Chisamba District.  It is the mandate of many large organizations to expand and are given budgets to do just that, but for some reason, they geographically limit their areas, and Chisamba is not on their geographical limits.  So there is no assistance at all.

Our greatest need is that we have widows who need a job, they all say that they need food to feed themselves and their family units, but they have no income from a job. They say that if we give them food today it is nice, but then what do they do tomorrow.  So we would like to put up a Skills Training Facility, and purchase sewing machines, stoves, knitting machines, have a small agriculture section, with pigs, chickens, dairy etc, thus teaching them a skill, and at the same time we will use this facility to generate an income for them. If these widows can earn an income then they can also afford to feed and look after their own families.  

We all know that an education is most important, for these children, so it will be another huge cost should we as a Foundation have to fund each orphan child to attend school. Therefore, as a Foundation we are building "Grant Aided Schools" and our orphan's will attend school for free. We in tend building a Skills Training Center for our children who attend our School's, and the local adults in the surrounding area of our schools, empowering communities with a skill to able them to earn more income.

We are currently registering our Widow's and Orphan's by issuing them a registration card so that once they produce their I.D. card they will have access to any of our facilities for free, and clothing and food donations etc.  Most widows are aged, and when the younger family head passes away, they pass the orphan children on to the old widow, and this is difficult for them as they suffer from all the typical old age aches and pains, so we are requesting as much basic medical assistance from organizations as possible

We have located a 2400 hectare farm, 11km from Chisamba Town, which we are in the process of fund raising for. This farm, has two dams for irrigation, a school. large clinic, Church, farm store, piggery, dairy, chicken runs. cold rooms, large office block, 4 Manager Houses, plenty staff houses, and many more facilities needed to provide for our widows and orphans.  Please will you assist us and make a donation.


We have started a school, called Miswa Christian School, it is registered as a Grant Aided School, and it is situated in an area called Miswa of Chisamba District, we have been given 5 hectares of land by the Chief to build on, and we are a newly formed school, we currently have 55 pupils, Grade One to Grade Seven and we have applied for Grade 8 to Grade 12 with the Ministry Of Education, we are currently fund raising to build this school.  Our Building plans have just recently been approved by Ministry of Education.   Please see Miswa Christian School page for more information


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